I am a man.

I am a 26 year old man who has not achieved a great deal in life. But what I have achieved, I am incredibly proud of, and thankful for. Now that you know a bit about me, I’d like to approach a subject that a lot of men do their best to avoid. Feminism.

It’s a word that men in power nervously laugh off while they tee off for another round of golf with their rich colleagues. It’s a word that middle class men ignore, hoping that their daughter settles down with a nice man and starts a family of her own. It’s a word that working class men make philistine jokes about in the pub after a hard day’s labour.

But above all, it is a word that all of these men fear.

Of course, there are men who live in the real world. They see the traditional gender roles of the past, and they realise that the scales weigh massively and unfairly in their favour. I will not be discussing those men in this blog. I speak as one of them.


These are the most frequent searches on Google if you type in ‘feminism is a’. It tells a story of its own. Men are confused. They think Feminism is a new movement. They’re ignorant to the fact that it’s always been there. In the heart of every woman who has ever lived, who has been oppressed on a daily basis, who has never had a platform from which to speak. 

Now they do. And now they are. Tumblr, Twitter and social media have brought women together in their opinions, in their anger and in their frustrations. They’re rallying together against the injustice and immeasurable favouritism towards males in society. 

But I’d like to ask these men what exactly it is that they are afraid of?

Are they scared of losing their privilege? Are they terrified that women have more to offer the world than they do? Are they really that insecure? At every corner, they attempt to belittle feminists. They are condescending, patronising, and ignorant.

Feminists aren’t asking for a lot. They aren’t attempting to overthrow the government. They aren’t waging a bloody war on men everywhere. They’re simply asking to be recognised for who they are, not what they are. A concept that men have taken for granted throughout the years, and it’s about time that women were afforded that simple right. 

If you’re a man who hates feminism, ask yourself why? If you can give any other reason other than ‘I hate women’, then I’d love to hear it. 

Women have always had a voice, and they’ve always used it. But now they’re fucking screaming. And it’s time for men to listen.

I’ve watched Frozen 4 times in two days. I can’t get this song out of my head so I did my own little version. It’s pretty shit but I hope you enjoy it x

Romantic meal with the lads in Edinburgh.

Behind the scenes on our Kerrang shoot today. My throat felt a little hoarse. 😂

"i'm so excited to hear your news for the european fans! do you already know if there are going to be any concerts in Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg or Austria? :)"

I don’t know the routing yet, but we’ll be in at least 2 of those!

I got the chip in my tooth fixed so now I can smile without wanting to die. 😁

"so I just saw on the blitz kids twitter account that you have exciting things in the works for european fans. if I get to see you is there any chance I could get one of your guitar picks? :)"

of course! i’m getting some custom ones made soon and they’re really pretty with unicorns on them.